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Tomar, the city of the Templars, is a nice town with narrow streets, restaurants, terraces, a beautiful monastery and many cathedrals. The monastery, the Convent of Christ, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The monastery is called Convento de Cristo in Portuguese and is a former Catholic monastery. It was originally a 12th century Templar castle. It is well worth a visit, you can walk around for hours.

The monastery was originally designed as a monument symbolizing the Reconquest. Over the centuries, more and more buildings were added. Once every 4 years there is a big party in Tomar during the Festa dos Tabuleiros. For 600 years, this festival has been about gratitude for the harvest and charity for the underprivileged.

The next Festa dos Tabuleiros is in 2027. At Taverna Antiqua, on the square in the center, you can eat in Medieval style and sometimes there are live shows on weekends. Tomar is definitely worth a visit, and you can relax on a terrace on the square.

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Published 26-08-2023 / Copyright © Casa Fialli