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Parties & Festivals

Parties & Festivals

Festivals list 2024:
* Carnival da Nazaré, in February in Nazaré & Carnival in Tomar, February 13
* Festa de Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem in Constância at Easter, 1st of April
* Ascensão na Chamusca, 9 days, 4-12 May 2024, in Chamusca
* Feira de Época, medieval festival, 4 days, 29 May-2 June in Torres Novas

* Festa Templária, in July, in Tomar
* Mercado Medieval Óbidos, in July in Óbidos
* Music Festival Bons Sons, 8-11 August 2024, in Cem Soldos, Tomar
* Festas de Verão (village festivals) from June to September, every weekend

* Festa de Verão in Alcorochel, end of July (village festival)

* Festival Vapor, September 27-29, steampunk festival in Entroncamento
* Ceyceyra Medieval, end of September, medieval festival in Asseiceira
* Festa da Água Pé, in October in Alcorochel
* Feira Nacional do Cavalo, horse festival, 10 days, in November in Golegã
* Óbidos Vila Natal, in December (Christmas Village)
* Aldeia Natal de Santa Cita, in December, close to Tomar (Christmas Village)

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